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  • VE Pro 5 + DP - Brilliant!

    OK this works really well. For the first time I am getting server to work with big loads on PC slaves. I am running VE on an i7 slave with 24Gbs of RAM and I have 18gbs of samples  - VSL, Play3 and Kontakt5 all running really well into DP on a Macpro. It sounds so much better than the ADAT hardware route I've had to use up to now. The midi insert workaround thing is a major turning point and seems to work fine

    Anyway thank you!

  • Well I am about the same! Brilliant Product! [Y]

    But the buffer is better to set to "1" :)

  • Can any of you confirm if offline bouncing is working for you with the midi workaround?

    For the rest, DP7 and VEP5 = amazing!