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  • VEP 5 and sluggish Cubase GUI?

    Installed VEP 5 demo and I'm suddenly noticing that my mouse motions drawing lines etc. is very sluggish. Noticeably more sluggish than when I was on VEP 4. Anyone else notice this? Am I crazy?

  • Bingo. I think I've found something. I go into the piano roll editor in cubase, and when i roll my mouse over the velocity portion of the screen (Where you edit velocities and the mouse cursor turns into a pencil icon) this will cause ASIO meter to go red and playback will stutter. The process of the cursor turning into a pencil is causing playback issues in VEP5, somethying that wasn't happening in VEP 4, unless there is something else I changed on my system to cause this. Cubase 6.0.2

  • the cursor does turn into a pencil for editing velocites in the lane. that you're noticing terrible performance when that happens must be coincidental. hard to say why you are having such poor performance.

  • I do notice a slight jump in CPU use too sometimes, but no calls are made to VE Pro in any way that i can tell. Looks like a sloppy Cubase implementation.

  • I left out my system specs. Here they are: Core i7 920 - MSI X58A-GD45 - 24GB Corsair 2000MHz Ram (downclocked to 1066) - 700 watt Coolmax PSU - W7 Professional 64-bit - RME HDSPe AIO - OCZ RevoDrive 120GB - Crucial RealSSD 256GB - 8 x HDD - CME UF8 v2 - Focal Solo 6 Be - Cubase 6 - Sibelius 6.2 - VE PRO - QL Spaces - Altiverb 6 - Hollywood Strings and Brass diamond - SC - SD2 - EWQL Pianos - MOR - Requiem Choir - VSL SE+ - Symphobia 1 and 2 - True Strike It just seems odd that I haven't had this issue all before VEP5. I think I might roll back to V4 and see if that fixes it. I'll report back.

  • dang, you're right it is sloppy cubase implementation. with VEP disconnected, moving that pencil tool is causing the video to stutter every time....more troubleshooting now....

  • Wow. I feel pretty proud of myself now for finding this, but its all thanks to you, Karel. Cubase 6.0.2 brand new empty project at 48KHz 23.98 fps. load an H.264 video, no sound. open blank midi track. open velocities lane. roll mouse over repeatedly like i described and you'll see the video stutter and skip frames. I'm going to post on the steinberg forum about this.

  •  Hello,

    I tried a test for you so:

    I download a test file here  of h264 , I took the "The Bourne Ultimatum – 1080p Trailer" one's

    and test for you in cubase 6.05.357 32 bit version with VEP 5 with one VI pro (all in 32 bit) windows computer what you suggested:

    -new project at 48KHz 23.98 fps.

    -load an H.264 video, no audio.
    -open blank midi track.
    -open velocities lane.
    -start playback
    roll mouse over etc...

    1. I have audio of the video and  no problem here.

    but I know that in cubase 6.05 there is a new video engine so perhaps? try it perhaps

    Best regards


  • Thats good to hear. Unfortunately I have been unable to use 6.0.3,6.0.4,or 6.0.5. When I install any of these updates, the video player is literally missing from the devices menu making the video feature useless on my system. I have no choice but to stay at 6.0.2. Steinberg support is aware of the problem but they don't have a solution for me yet.... =(

  •  Hello,

    I tried also with Cubase 5.5.3 Build 651 (32bit) and no problem. but after what you said the problem must becomes with a video codec in your machine ? try to convert you video .

    best regards