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  • Beginner question about VSL and midi channels!

    Hey, I use LASS and in one channel I will load up say, 9 articulations all on different midi channels (ch.1 legato, ch.2 pizz etc). I find this far easier to use than VSL's key switching. Is there anyway to do that with the Instruments pro sampler??? Cheers, Simon

  • Hi Simon,

    I might be missing what you are asking, but VI / VI Pro can't detect seperate MIDI channels.  However, Vienna Ensemble (free download in your account) and Vienna Ensemble Pro (not free) can.  Using it the way you are describing, you could setup an instance of VE for your violins (for example), load an instance of VI Pro for each articulation you want to use in VE and set the outputs and MIDI channel inputs in VE accordingly.

    Again, I could be missing what you are trying to do - I'm very tired.  Up all night trying to scour all the audio sites for Black Friday deals  [|-)]  [:D]

  • Hi Simon, 

    You can use one instance of VI for each articulation, but that´s rather CPU intensive... and the whole idea of Vienna Instruments is to have intuitive control over all available articulations on one MIDI channel.

    Alternatively, you could use one MATRIX for each articulations and switch between them with program changes. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Simon

    Here is one more approach.

    Instead of using different midi channels for selecting an articulation (the VI can't understand midi channel information) you can use keyswitches for example.

    Keyswitches are (should be) tones outside the playing range of the instrument(s).

    As Paul mentioned above you are completely free of assigning such keyswitches to the articulations you have.

    This is perhaps a bit tricky first but later on when you got the trick this wide variety is very useful.

    Here you can follow the steps of using some articulations for playing a melody:

    It's one possibility for switching between articulations...

    I hope this helped a bit for understanding how the Vienna Instrument (VSL's SamplePlayer) does work.

    All the best


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":