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  • Addictive Drums crashes VEP 5

    I've sent a crash report to support.

    Opening the Addictive plug window and touching anything in it results in a crash. This is intermittant. Somedays it's ok somedays not.

    Today, NOT.

    Restarting doesn't fix it.

    But really guys, did you beta test this software thoroughly before you released it?

    I mean Beta test it with people other than orchestral users?

    Test it with as many plugs as possible?

    How can it slip by you that automation does not work for any Waves plugs?

    The single biggest plugin maker in the world?

    Really, how does that get passed your beta testers? 

    Ok I've wasted 3 days on VEP5 and for my work it is definitely not ready.

    Now I have to jump through whatever hoops to get back to a stable version.