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  • Audio Engine Error with VEP 5

    Hello, I have an Axe-Fx II effects processor that I use as an audio interface. I would love to be able to use it with the amazing VEP 5 and MIR Pro but I am having a problem. When Vienna Ensemble 5 loads I receive the following error message, Audio engine error “Could not start audio device ASIO: Axe-FX II ASIO Driver (Can’t create i/o buffers).” In the Preferences dialog under the Audio/Midi section there’s the message, “Audio routing unavailable. (Could not initialize selected audio device).” I looked at the Axe-Fx's settings and it looks as if everything is set the way it's supposed to be. I also have a DigiDesign Eleven Rack and VEP 5 sees that perfectly. Could there be a compatibility issue between VEP 5 and the Axe-Fx II? Thank you in advance for your time and help.