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  • Purchased recently - do i get a free upgrade?

    Firstly, it frustrates me when a company doesnt have telephone support, and email is the only method.. yet over the weeks since becoming an ensemble pro customer, i have yet to recieve a reply to any of the 3 or more emails i have sent to either tech support or sales, so i need to ask my question on here. I purchased ensemble pro 4 weeks ago - surely i qualify for a free upgrade to the new version? Steve

  • Any help please from the devs?

  • Hi yertari,

    I'm sorry to see that you're upset. You're right, we don't offer telephone support, but we're trying very hard to reply to every email within 24 hours at the latest. I see that you sent two emails to us about 22 hours ago... I'm sure you understand that right now is a very busy time for us, with the release of three new software products.

    I'll reply to your questions via email right now, please check your email account. ;-)



  • This is disgraceful. I purchased the product 4 weeks ago. If you look at the way other audio websites work - if you have purchased within 2 months or so, you always get the update for free. Ill actually be looking for a full refund if i do not get the update for free - i actually havent used ensemble yet, and only have one license installed. Again, if you cannot give me the update for free in good faith, please cancel all licenses and refund my money This is not good business practice at all, of looking after genuine customers who have purchased your software Not happy.. Steve