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  • Ableton Live and parameter/transport automation

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    Greetings from the U.S. on this Thanksgiving Day 2011! Today I am especially thankful for the new products released by VSL!!

    First, my apologies for my questions related to Ableton Live. I know that most VSL users don’t often use Ableton Live for production. So I am not surprised that I am having compatibility problems. However, as a largely mobile user (including networking laptops with VEPro5 on the run), Ableton is often my “Go-To” DAW to go quickly move from backstage production to onstage performance.

    VEPro5 works beautifully in most respects, including playing MIDI tacks from Ableton into VEPro5 and networking my two laptops. However, unlike my Vienna Suite plug-ins inserted into an Ableton Live track, the VEPro5 Server Interface plug-in does not seem to be “publishing” its available parameters in a way that Ableton Live can see them (see page 220 of the Ableton Live manual; ). Automation functions do work at all. The Play/Stop transport is also not working, making me suspect that there is some problem with VEPro5 sending AND receiving automation information from Live. Hopefully, whatever the Vienna SUITE plug-ins do to publish their parameters in Live can also be used in the VEPro5 Server Interface and/or Event Input plug-ins.

    For now, I’ll probably default back to Pro Tools 10 for larger projects until the compatibility with Live can be fixed.

    Thanks for any suggestions!


    Ableton Live Suite 8.2.6

    Laptops: Thinkpad Core 2 Duo and i7’s

    Windows 7 64 bit

  • I'm on Ableton as well and am having the exact same problem! It's been countless hours of frustration. It seems the only way to record VEP 5 automation in Ableton is if you record the automation into a midi track(track armed). Host automation appears to not work whatsoever. I hate using midi for automation in Ableton. There are no labels for each modulated parameter so you can't easily edit your work after you record. Please let me know if you've figured out a solution to this. I'd rather make music than tear my hair out. :) Ben

  • I'll recheck this, but there was indeed an issue with parameter automation and Ableton Live in an old version of VE Pro 5. Are you guys using the latest version?

  • Hello Karel, Yes, I am using the latest version of VEP5(Release date: March 14, 2012). I am also using the Mar.14, 2012 VST plugins in my programfile(x86)\VSTPlugins(x86) and Program Files\VSTPlugins folders respectively. I'm using the latest version of Ableton Live 8.2.8 and have also tested this in Ableton live 8.2.6, both leading to the same results. Normally in Live, I click the "Configure" button and then click on knobs(parameters)of the plugins and it automatically populates the Host Automation Tray in the Ableton FX chain, but this does not work when any of these VST plugins are being run from VEP 5. This includes VST Instruments, and FX. Do you have an idea of how I can get this to work? Thanks, Ben

  • Hello Karel, I am able to record host/track automation in Ableton via VEP5 but when I go to play back the automation after recording, the "Back to Arrangement" button immediately lights up in Ableton once the playback head comes into some recorded automation, thus making it impossible to play back any of the modulation I recorded. I've tried uninstalling MIDI yoke, in case there was a midi feedback loop problem, and removing every midi device from Ableton's MIDI device set-up menu, but for some reason, VEP5 cannot playback any automation. I am only able to play back automation if the VSTi or VST is loaded through Ableton and not in VEP5. Could you please look into this? Much appreciated, Ben

  • This has been fixed for the upcoming update already. Thanks for the report.

  • Hi, Is there already a solution for automating vienna ensemble parameters in ableton live? Thanks a lot! Seppe

  • Yes, please download the latest version of VE Pro 5 and things should work as expected.

  • I don't own the pro version. Is automation possible in the standard version as well? I just bought and downloaded special edition vol 1 last week. So I don't think it's an update issue, isn't it? Thanks a lot, Seppe

  • Hi, Is the transport function also working now? I am currently on latest versions of Live (9.0.5) and VEPRO, and not able to get this to work for now. Not a major issue, but it does become tiresome during mixing when I have to flip back and forth between VEPRO and Live in order to playback. Regards, CH

  • Hello, 

    Automation is not available in the standard Vienna Ensemble (non-PRO version). 

    Transport function: Unfortunately not working yet, but as far as I know, our developers are looking into this. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • yes, please fix the transport when running ableton. for anyone with the quickeys app, you can make a shortcut with a vienna ensemble scope so when you press the spacebar it - 1 clicks on the title bar of the ableton window, 2 clicks back on the title bar of the vienna window 3 sends the space bar and if you have the ve stuff on a separate screen, you will already have the ableton window up, so it won't flash when it clicks over. UNfortunately, If you run ve on the same monitor this shortcut will probably give you a headache. For some reason, this allows the transport to work when it is doing that thing where you hit the play button and it just flashes and doesn't start ableton. I know it is a terrible solution and 90% of people won't even have quickeys, but maybe this will help one person avoid the frustration of the flashing play button that won't start ableton.