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  • VE Pro 5: RTAS 128 Audio Outputs stay silent, up until 127 everything works fine

    When using VE Pro 5 as RTAS plugin in Pro Tools 10 everything works as expected until I increase the number of outputs to 128 per instance. Then, without any error message, everything stays silent. It's not a big thing, but it'd interesting to know whether this is a bug in Pro Tools or in VE Pro.

  • i am not getting any sound in pro tools 10 and VSL Pro 5, what did you do to make it work?

  • I phoned with vienna in austria. tgey told me that the last update is buggy. they want release an another one this night

  • We have just released an update (9735) which takes care of this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Hello Martin, I downloaded VEP 5 this morning around 9 am est and I'm having issues with getting sound out as well. I had 2 projects that were set up using VEP 4 server 64 trial that worked fine with suggested routing. Launched the sessions after install of VEP 5 and no sound....I had noticed the NETx/NETx routing in VEP 5 had changed to OUT x/OUT x....I have an instance of VEP running woodwinds with the master set to OUT 5/OUT6 and an aux input in PT10 set to that instance OUT 5/ OUT 6 there something I'm missing....something new in VEP 5 as far as routing goes. I'm running on a MacPro Quad core 16g ram....PT10....EWQL Play. Everything looks as though it's triggering and running fine when you look at the VEP interface and channels....the sounds just not getting back to PT. I know you said you posted an update but I believe I just installed that update. An help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Martin, I just uninstalled and reinstalled the latest from the site. I now have sound....however, I now noticed when I first loaded the session my Digi003 console did not link up to the session and there were pops and click in the sound. I reset the buffer 1024 and back to 512 and the interface reconnected and the sound is ok now. I'm not sure if that's useful information or not....but I thought I'd let you know....I'll post more as I work on the session.

  • I installed the latest version (9735) and still can only use up to 127 audio output ports with Pro Tools 10. I've seen you changed something as there are now up to 768 audio output ports available, but I still don't get any sound beyond 127.

  • This is a known Pro Tools bug actually. They're aware of it (though I've reported it a long time ago, so it may have slipped under the radar). Just use less outputs and you can avoid it.