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  • 64-bit and 32-bit plugins (instruments) in one MIR Pro instance? Not possible?

    Hello, I´m just trying to get the hang of VE Pro 5 and MIR Pro demo with Logic Pro at the moment - I guess I have managed to get rid of a lot of problems so far but one big question still remains: How is it possible to get 64-bit AND 32-bit plugins (instruments) into one instance of MIR Pro (VE Pro 5). I´d love to combine some of my Kontakt based instruments (64-bit) with some 32-Bit instruments (e.g. based on best service´s "engine 2" which is not 64-bit on Mac yet) on one "stage" in MIR Pro. The manual says that you can only load 32-bit plugins in the 32-bit Server version and 64-bit plugins on the 64-bit server version. So is what I have in mind possible at all? Is there maybe a (hidden) possibility to route one 32-bit instance of VE Pro5 into a running 64-bit VE Pro instance? Sorry if I´m talking complete bullsh** here but I´m totally new to VE Pro and MIR :o) I actually thought the 64-bit VE Pro has it´s own kind of 32-bit "bridge" like Logic and I can load my 32-bit stuff into one 64-bit intance... Thanks for your help in advance! Marco

    1. 32bit and 64bit plugs go in separate servers.
    2. You can use the audio input feature to feed the audio return from the 32bit server in your DAW to the 64bit server.


  • Thanks! So for every 32-bit instrument I would have to create a separate 32-bit VE Pro instance inside that 32-bit server in order to feed the audio return from the 32-bit server into the 64-bit server for each instrument? (One stereo signal per 32-bit plug routed into the 64-bit VE Pro? Or is there a chance to get a multi-output from the 32-Bit server and feed that into distinct channels of my 64-bit VE Pro / MIR Pro?) Thanks again for your help! marco

  • If you send each instrumnet down its own VSTi Output/AUX, put the audio input on that Output in your DAW, you can then pipe the audio back into the 64bit server.


  • Thanks a lot! Gonna try that! :)

  • Hi Marco,

    keep in mind that although MIR Pro is 32 bit compatible, it doesn't make much sense to use it in this kind of OS due to the RAM requirements.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks, but what if I don´t have a chance? The plugin I want to use ("Engine 2") isn´t available in 64 bit for Mac yet. Marco