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  • VPE5, audio plugin & Pulsar on server -

    Hi to all, I am a VPE (now called VPE4) owner with 1 master/1 slave computer setup. On the slave system, apart from othe VTSi, since I had a pulsar system with a lot of instruments I would like to link them directly to VPE: usually, to do something similar (i.e. to route output from pulsar into an external software) I just connect the output of the pulsar synth to one AISIO output and, in the host program (which in this case could be VPE5), I just "see" it as as input. I found this not possible in VPE4. Now in VP5 I heard about the new audio plugin which can route audio output signal into VPE5. My question is simple: is it possible to use the audio plugin (on the slave pc) in order to address one audio output of the pulsar (AISIO) on the slave machine directly to VPE5 mixer and from here to the server on the master machine? Or the "audio plugin input" receive only audio coming from the master equivalent? I guess if the audio plugin can works in this way because from the manual it seems to me that it can only be use in the "opposite" direction (from master to slave) in order to use VPE5 as an external effect... If this is be possible then I will be extremely pleased to upgrade to VPE5... Thank you, Stefano