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  • VE Pro 5/VI Pro 2 Panning/mono issue


    I ran into some sort of a problem here. I do not know how long this issue has been here, I haven't noticed it before and may have occured after updating to the latest VE Pro 5/VI Pro 2

    For some reason every instances of VI Pro 2 loaded inside VE Pro 5 now only outputs audio on the left channel. I have no powerpan plugin running, no panning option, no other plugins besides MIR Pro, which is disabled (and I also tried removing it from the channel).

    Example: VI Pro 2 containing: Matrix 1: Legato speed patches, Matrix 2: Articulation combi
    Now if Matrix 1 is selected, there is only audio in the left channel. If Matrix 2 or further is selected, there is only audio in the right channel.
    All matrices are set to output 1/2. There is no settings applied to the VI Pro 2 internal mixer.

    This occurs in ALL existing instance of VI Pro 2 in my template. If I create a new instance of VI Pro 2, assign it to the same output as the one in the example, it plays back stereo in both channels, no problems. Kontakt 4 loaded in the same instance of VE Pro has no problems.

    What is going on here? Am I missing something painfully obvious? Or is this a bug?

    I'm running build 9687 on both VI Pro 2 and VE Pro 5. PC, Windows 7.


  •  Two thoughts:

    1. Do you have any controller information being sent from your DAW that could cause panning to change?
    2. Does this happen with new matrices or just updated ones?

    Edit: sorry, i just saw that it is only on updated ones. So the question would be, if you load one of your existing Presets into a new VI Pro instance, does it still happen?


  • No information being sent from the sequencer. If I create a new instance of VI Pro 2 and load a patch, and trigger it from the same midi channel and route it to the same outputs, everything works fine.

    But this was strange. All old matrices which are loaded are only playing back at 1 channel. But if I create a new matrix in one of the mono VI Pros, and load a single patch, ex: VI_14_sus_vib, it plays back in stereo. But if I load a matrix (either a new vi pro 2, or and old), it plays back in mono/1 channel. And if I then replace the VI_14_sus_vib cell inside the now loaded matrix (which plays back only 1 channel), with the VI_14_sus_vib patch, it plays back in stereo!

    How can this be? It seems as the problem occurs when VI Pro 2 loads a matrix.


  •  I think this is a question for you to email support about, because it makes no sense to me. Sorry.


  •  Hmm. I've tried restarting/reloading/uninstalling/reinstalling but the problem stays the same. If I create a new VE Pro instance within the existing (problematic) metaframe, everythings works just fine. No problem when playing back loaded matrices or patches.

    But when in the existing instances within the metaframe, all loaded matrices has only got sound in one channel, until I replace the existing patch with a new one. Any attempt on loading a matrix, new or old, will result in audio playback in one channel only.

    So it seems as if the problem now occurs when loading matrices within existing VE Pro 5 instances containging VI Pro 2.