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  • VSL 2 Normalise Powerpan and Cell Autonaming

    Great V2 release.

    I was excited to see normalise powerpan as I hoped it would set a uniform setting across all cells and slots (so the whole instrument can have the same panned position and width - something you can't achieve in Logic without individually placing the tiy powerpan of every single slot :( )

    However it doesn't do this but on playing with it does it have a glitch? When clicking on normalise powerpan it certainly moves the cell powerpan graphic display but the actual image does not move until the powerpan control is manually clicked - at which poit the audio image moves to the new position.

    Also regarding the auto renaming I loaded up an old song that had a VI-Pro with a bunch of timp roll patches - every cell just says roll - I know I can re-name them but it would be good if turning off autonaming stopped the naming of already loaded patches rather than new patches. I'd rather see A1, A2, A3, etc than roll. roll. roll. etc in old songs that I don't have time to re-name.

    Also the Bosendorfer piano won't autoname.....

    Any way congrats to VSL.


  • Julian,

    1. There is an update (9687) which fixes the problem of powerpan not updating properly.

    2. Auto Cell Naming can be turned off in the settings dialog.

    3. We are constantly updating the autonaming lists, each versions should see more "missing" names being added.

    4. Thanks :)

  • Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the reply - just updated and the powerpanning now is OK  - all we need now is a universal powerpan!!

    Regarding the autonaming - the problem is even with autonaming disabled old sessions open with autonamed cells and also if you then replace an articulation the old cell name remains. Shouldn't autonaming fully disable this behaviour?