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  • VEP5 crashing all the time. HELP NEEDED

    I'm about to suicide. No matter which combination of plugins I use. VEP5 keeps on crashing. I can't even open previous projects nor load viframes. Reinstalled VEP. Trashed preferences. Nothing worked. Where can I send a crash report? Mac Pro 8 core. 14 GB RAM. OS X 10.5.8. Logic Pro 9.0.2. MOTU 828 MkII. BTW... how can I keep my posts neat? No matter how many times I press the space bar. There are no break lines. Thanks!!

    1. Contact support @
    2. Set your Profile to Enhanced


  • Thanks DG.

    I'll contact them

  • Just checking if your info is correct.....are you really on OSX 10.5.8?

  • Yes. That's correct.

    It may sound weird, but here's why. I'm using a Mackie Control Universal Pro attached to my rig. I've read that many people are having bad issues with Logic Pro and Snow Leopard (faders no responding, automation mode disabled...) so I wanna make sure those problems are fixed before upgrading both Logic Pro and the OS X. Do u think my problems are caused by the 10.5.8?


  • I'm on Lion OSX quad core, also slaving to Macbook Pro i7 quad.

    I get nothing but dropouts and random crashes despite being networked between the computers directly.   Its bringing me to tears.   I'm considering hardware synths if it carries on.

    The FX rack feature is a faf to use.  It does work but having to create new return tracks in the cubase host kills it for me.       :(

  • I am also still on 10.5.8 and the support told me that they are aware of the problems some may have (including me) with 10.5.x. And that they are about to fix it asap.

  • Well... I just finished my back up with Time Machine and will install OS X 10.6.x plus the latest version of Logic Pro. Not big fun but I'm lucky I'm between projects right now.

    They may fix it or they may not (at VSL)

    Let's see what happens.

    Good luck to you all

  • I think you will be a lot more hapy with 10.6. Apple did a lot of important updates, especially to memory management, which will make your apps a lot snappier and better performing.

  • I don't mind to upgrade to 10.6 at all (regardless all the hassle involved)

    The only thing that really worries me is the aforementioned problem between Mackie Control Universal Pro, Logic Pro and Snow Leopard.

    Let's see how it goes :)