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  • VSL instruments PRO 2 missing a "export midifile"

    the new Vienna instruments PRO 2  matrix is a great update of the software.

    For us musicians that sometimes like to compose, improvise directly into our Daws and later export our midi files tracks into SIbelius I can see how now this can be a problem if not every note of the arrangment tracks is writen in them.

    What I mean is, if I play/record a note in my daw that is triggering a matrix scale in VIpro2, is only that single note that is recorded in my daw, instead of the sounding scale that is produced inside the VIpro2 matrix.

    Wouldn´t be nice to be able to save or export that scale, sequence, phrase or whaterver as a midi file or Xml  to be able to tell Sibelius what notes were you playing when you pushed "that single note" in your daw. That IMHO will speed up things in your working flow when you need to translate your music from your daw to Sibelius.

    Maybe a good solution would be what Kontakt has; the "talk to the outside world" option that allows you to record  into a midi track any sequence loop or phrase that is performed in Kontakts internal sequences.

    Do I make any sense?

  • Hi Paul, anybody there?

    Isn´t this issue interesting at all for anybody?

    please reply

    Thank you

  • Hi, 

    It´s VERY interesting. Why didn´t we think of it? [;)]

    Please give us a little time, there are regular improvements with our software, and we have quite some more ideas up our sleeves. 

    Some features are easy to express in words, but a bit harder to implement....

    Thanks for your patience, 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul

    working around a few days with VIpro-2 new Sequencer and Cubase ans Sibelius I can see how important would be a Midi out from VIpro-2.

    I actually think that the best solution would be the "talk to the otside world" oprtion Kontakt has  o something similar. So when you end with a track in Cubase/Logic that uses single notes to triger  VIpro-2 sequences it is absolutlly necesary to be able to output all the resulting notes into a notation program. 

    You already said it was a good idea, but "when" is the question, when do you thing that option would be available in VIpro.2? I understand you just released the update, but do you thing this could be implemented as part of an update o we will have to wait longer?

    a couple more things I am missing in  VIpro-2 :

    1. solo or muting patches in the  matrices cells.

    2. a quick way to convert patches from one instrument category to another, example:

    if I have a matrix cell with a String section with VI-VI-VA-VC-CB legato or any other art., be able to convert that section into another  String section VI-VI-VA-VC-CB portamento or any other  avilable art. without having to load manaly all the patches form the browser.

    I imagin that his could be acomplish easily with some kind of computer keyboard comand that you press as you dowload the target patch into the matrix String section cell .


  • 1. MIDI Output is a little tricky, since a lot of the information from the APP sequencer cannot be translated to MIDI.

    2. Solo/Mute of matrix cells might be a good idea. Lets see what we can do for the future.

    3. Regarding conversion of patches, we actually hav esomething like you are describing already. It is an undocumented feature, available in the standalone version of VIPro only. Press Ctrl-Alt-W, and a "patch replacement" dialog will appear, allowing you to replace patches based on string match and replacing.

  • Hi. i have been playing with vep 5. its really impressive and i will be purchasing soon.

    I would just like to add that this would be amazing in vienna instruments, based on watching the videos. But also midi out support for vst

    Instruments would be great..such as bfd 2 and geist patterns to trigger other instruments, ideally even sending it back to the host or to another vepro.  I realise there would probably be a latency issue but this is still pretty nice in reaper.  I think i read somewhere au plugins don't support this unfortunately though. 

  • Basically and ideally as I envision a midi out from VIpro 2 sequencer would be a way to record in a midi track on your daw the notes that are being played back from a recorded midi track with notes and keyswitches triggering VIpro 2´s internal Sequencer. Then the resulting midi track could be midi saved/exported to a notation program like Sibelius. If this is ever achieved, VIpro 2 would become not only a great orchestral sample player but also a powerfull composing tool for musicians that like to work with notation music 

    I think is an option that you Vienna guys should consider seriously from the music point of view and the comercial one too.