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  • 2nd Violins in VI Pro 2 Chords / Patterns

    I've noticed there are new patches (e.g. 51 VI-6B_perf-legato) used to create the 2nd Violins in the string ensembles in VI Pro 2. They load different humanize tuning curves (in addition to the alternate panning). These patches don't seem to be available to users in the Patch section. Since someone obviously went through the trouble of programming these alternate tunings for every matrix is there any chance these could be made available as pre-programmed second violins for VI Pro 2 users?

  •  These new patches are placed in dedicated folders. Not sitting in front of VI PRO at the moment, but I think the folder is usuallay labeled "91 Violines B" (or similar).



  • Found them! Thanks for the info. This is such an exciting update! [:)]

    Also, I couldn't help but notice the time you posted this... You may want to give some thought to sleeping, Herb!

    Thanks again! As always your customer service is phenomenal.