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  • Hardware question

    Wondering if I could get a bit of advise about whats needed to run the some VSL libraies.

    Templates mostly for chamber orchestra or small orch. 10 to 20 staves using 5 or 6 articulations per instrument. 3 or 4 instances with 10 to 15 instruments per. Not overly dense orchestrations. 

    Libraries I use are: Full Solo Stg 1, Full Chamber Stg 1, Full App Stg 1, Full Brass 1, Full fl 1, Full Ob 1, full E Hrn, Full Bb Cl, Full Bsn 1.  Also a few instruments from the Sonic Implants Orch (mostly strings) Kontakt version. 

    Using Digital Performer along with VI Pro 2 and VE Pro 4.

    My computer: MacPro (2010) 3.33 with 12 gigs of ram. 2 SSD drives and a 2 7200 disk raid for libraries.

    Question: More ram? How much if this is a one computer studio. Or - would an additional computer used as a slave be nessasary and if so how much ram?

    Thanks for your help.