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  • VEP5 Offline bouncing in DP7.24


    I'm having troubles with bouncing offline when using the midi workaround. 

    Everything works beautifully except the offline bounce. Everything that is on a 'event instrument' is scrambled on the bounced file.. Everything on the main VE Pro instrument seams to be fine. 

    Any ideas what it could be? 

    It doesn't matter what virtual instruments are loaded in VE or if the instrument have their own aux into DP.

    Everything is on 1 system, Mac Pro 3.1, 10.6.8 SL, latest versions of software. 


  • Try disabling Pre-gen Mode in the Audio Plug-ins preferences of DP.

  • Thanks but yes, I have all plugin-ins in Real-time. 

    Other ideas?

  • Can you confirm if bouncing offline works on your system? or anybody on DP7?

    I'm out of options what could be the problem. I tried reinstalling etc. Thanks!