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  • Question about Sequencer VI Pro2

    Hi Paul, I enjoyed VIPro2 and VEPro5 very much,thanks to creative VSL team A few question about cho-repDyn matrix every midi event is numbered.Where do those number comes from?how do you do that? how do you insert Cresc and Dim event (like AB select) in repDyn matrix? This is just a feature request Isn't it better to be able to resize VIPro2 GUI ,with sooo many Information in VIPro2? and larger font size specially in the secquencer ,please regards, Willy

  • Hi Paul, please reply Thank you

  • Hello Willy, OMG, you didnĀ“t get a reply from the VSL crew for more than 10 hours?????? My sincere apologies! All repetitions are numbered, you can easily change the number of the repetition in the status bar of the sequencer. All of this is described in the manual and also mentioned in our Video Tutorials. A= Crescendo, B= Diminuendo. ItĀ“s a controller that you can set. It has always been like that. Resizing VI PRO 2 is not possible, sorry. On Mac, you could simply zoom in, if you like. Best, Paul

    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, thank you and big sorry regards