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  • Different kind of VE PRO 5 setup?

    Hi! I'm working with Logic Pro and VE PRO 5 and I'm trying to set up from scratch same kind of system that Christian Kardeis uses in his new special edition demo songs, but my engineering skills aren't just good enough and I keep failing all the time. He uses a setup where there is only one software instrument track per one instance of VE. All the midi data is stored on external midi tracks which are then routed through the corresponding software instrument track to the right VE instance (or at least that's how I think it's done). Could someone please help me and step by step guide me through the task of building this kind of a system? (or is this for some reason a much worse way to set up a VE PRO 5 system than creating a 16 channel multi timbral software instrument fo every instance of VE PRO 5 like described in the manuals?) Thank you very much.

  • The MIR PRO manual mentions that "the final MIR PRO manual" will be released in some time. Will this new manual explain how to set up a system like Mr. Kardeis's?

  • No need for help anymore. I finally figured it out.