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  • Articulations

    Hi all just a quick probably simple question but with VSL standard edition is there a way to make the noise of the strings actually being played audible? As when I use say sustain it sounds like a synth string with no nuance of finger movement or string sound apart from an almost synth like perfect constant? I have tried articulations vel xfade exp etc but it just sounds like someone raising and lowering the volume. Sorry if this does not make full sense but I am a little lost with how to word it properly. I know you need to buy extra articulations but surely there must be a way to do this in Standard edition. Hopefully someone understands what I am asking here! Any help would be much appreciated thank you very much.

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    Hi army,

    Did you check out our Special Edition Tutorials yet?

    I have just sent you demo licenses for the SE Extended Library and Vienna Suite (available for download here), so you can check out how Christian Kardeis is composing with the Special Edition.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you very much most helpful of you. I was just wondering which file I need to download for the extended demo licence. Thank you once again.

  • Hello army, 

    Not sure if that was a question...

    In any case, please copy the Activation Code I sent you, open the eLicenser Control Center and click "Enter Activation Code", then follow the instructions.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Sorry yes a bit vague, indeed it was a question. I have received the email thank you for all your help and the link to the tutorials.