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  • VEPro5 & SSDs

    I really would like some advice on this please.

    What is the optimum use of SSDs with VEPro5 and the Symphonic Cube?

    Is it 5 x 250GB SSDs. One for the OS and other software and one each for Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Others. With ordinary HDs for storage.

    Any advice on type and any advice on things to look out for?

    Many thanks.

  • Hi Dave,

    I use 3 SSD's (1 for OS - only 120GB) and 2x240GB for my more "intensive" sample libraries.  I don't use symphonic cube, so I can't help there.

    However, I did run some pretty intensive tests using LASS 1.5, EW, and VSE (all) with some very interesting results.

    1./ Using Raid0 accross both drives yielded no performance benefit specifically when used for samples.  My drives are SATA3 using the latest sandforce controller, and have a thru put (tested using blackmagic speed test) of > 500MB/s in and out.  The drives are now back in my mac pro 3,1 (so running SATA2) and on seperate SATA busses.

    2./ I was able to increase performance of my machine by seperating instruments accross the 2 drives.  Not a huge amount, but it did improve loading times.  A little trial and error, depending on what your template looks like.

    3./ I didn't see ANY performance decrease when filling up the drives.  This is for reading the drive only.  writing slowed down as they neared full (which makes sense).  I don't use OS trim support (I'm on 10.6.x) - but my drives are the OWC 6G drives, which have extra space allocated above the 240GB (16GB) in order to maintain performance over time.  I now use both drives with around 220GB of samples on each one - which is better than I expected.

    Not sure this answers your questions, but there might be some useful info in there somewhere.


  • I have a raid of 4 x SSD on a Sata III RocketRaid 

    normally raid 0 is 1.5 the number of disks, more you have ssd faster it is until you reach the speed of the bus

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