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  • CPU usage way too high in VEP5

    Hi. I'm getting very high readings in the CPU meter of my VEP5 instances. In Logic Pro I open a multitimbral instrument and insert an instance of VEP5. As I'm trying to build up a template, I load 16 Kontakt 4 empty instances, with no instruments at all. The CPU usage goes up to 20-25% with no samples loaded. If I then load something in the midi channel 1 (let's say a strings patch from Audiobro's LASS) the CPU readings can go up to 45-55%. This is only with one patch. The CPU meter in Logic remains very low but I'm sure if I keep loading patches into VEP5 it will crash. Don't wanna think about inserting a high CPU demanding FX plug such as VS Hybrid Reverb or VS Multiband. I have the VEP5 instance reduced to 2 audio ins, 2 audio outs and 32 midi channels. Any tips about reducing the CPU usage in my instances? My setup: Mac Pro 8 core 2.8 GHz 14 GB RAM Mac OS X 10.5.8 Logic Pro 9.0.2 Motu 828 MkII Thanks a lot :)

  • What are your buffer settings in Logic, particularely I/O Buffer size and Process Buffer Range?

  • Hi Karel. I have 1 thread per instance in VEP5. In Logic I have 128 samples I/O and Medium Process Buffer Range Thanx for your reply ;)