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  • for those looking for proper insert/return routings:

    I use Wormhole (google for "plaq wormhole", it's free) a) add a VSL Input plugin to route audio to VE Pro b) add a Input Channel to VE Pro and customize your channel strip c) add a wormhole instance at the end of your channel strip, give it a name, use direct start->end connection (lookup wormholes help) d) add a wormhole instance directly after the VSL Input plugin in your DAW (see a) e) use wormholes "chooser", select the name you gave it in c Thus, you route audio from your DAW channel to VE Pro, process your audio in a VE Pro instance and route it back via wormhole to the DAW channel, having a proper insert/return route. It works with wormhole, even jBridged, but I sure hope VSL will add the "return route" to the Audio Input plugin!