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  • Please help me uninstall!

    Guys - I seriously screwed myself and should not have installed this on a deadline. My old metaframes wont open and keep hanging on 'Creating Cache File' Is there anyway to install the 8861 version back? My mac keeps saying it can't install because a newer version exists. I did the uninstall and it still says there is a newer version Thank you so much!!!!

  • Same here with 64 bit VEPro5.0.9737 and Kontakt 5.0.1 on Mac OS X 10.6.8

    Endless "Creating Cache File" message from Kontakt when trying to open the first instance. I can't open my metaframe template anymore.

  • Although I personnally cannot reproduce this here, our development team is already looking into this Kontakt/Create Cache File issue!


    Have you actually used the Vienna Ensemble Pro Uninstaller to uninstall VE Pro 5?

    I have just reverted to VE Pro 4.1 build 8861 from VE Pro 5 without problems after having run the Uninstaller...


    My apologies for the inconveniences!


    Best, Marnix



  • Thanks Marnix!

    I now got it working again after disabeling Kontakt's multiprocessor support. That may have caused the endles caching.Was testing the multiprocessing settings when this happened. As that metaframe hosts 12 instances I decided to set it to "1 Thread" inside VEPro and "multiprocessor support" inside Kontakt, apparently not such a good idea. Now, with multiprocessor support turned off, everything loads fine again.

    best regards


  • Hi Florian,


    Thanks for reporting and good to hear you were able to sort out the problem!


    We actually recommend to always disable Kontakts Multiprocessor Support if used within VE Pro, since VE Pro in fact takes care of that.


    Best, Marnix

  • I used the uninstaller but it wouldn't let me install the old version after, so I reinstalled VEP 5, kept messing with it now everything seems to work. The only tweak is the eLisencor keeps saying there is no MIR license - so I need to figure out how to get rid of MIR for now (until I purchase later)

  • Hello passenger57,

    You have probably saved a template where you have used MIR PRO in VE PRO 5 already, could that be the case?

    Would probably make sense to start again from scratch, without MIR PRO involved. If you are only using features that are available with VE PRO 5, nothing MIR PRO related will be expected!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Marnix,

    the "endless caching"-Problem is NOT gone completely by deactivating Kontakts Multiprocessor Support here. It still happens if I start VEPRO by doubleclicking the mframe-icon, but it works if I open VEPRO first and then load the mframe.


  • I never used MIR in VEP but I found a way around the problem: Open VEP first, then drag the metaframe into it. Then everything opens fine

  • Another way around this, other than disabling multi-processor support in Kontakt, was stumbled upon tonight.

    If you're getting the cache message, click and hold on the VE Pro badge in your dock, select Quit.  But then hit NO on the next dialog about force disconnecting.  It will move on to loading the next instrument!

    It's a lame work-around, but it DOES work.

    Stumbled on it, can't take credit.  Did it by accident.  Happy I did!

    Hope this helps someone who may be experiencing this, no matter what year it is...