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  • DP7.24 projects won't open with VE Pro 5?? (RESOLVED)

    'm running out of options. I've been unable to launch any of my DP projects that use VE Pro since i've installed V5 in the last day or so. All i get is the project opening then a beach ball of death forever!! I can start a new project with no existing VE Pro's in them but what's the use of that when i need to access templates and past recent projects. Don't know what else to try? VE Pro 5 is installed properly and i've repaired permissions used Main Menu, restarted, trashed prefs blah, blah.... Anyone. Trying not to go crazy, have i missed something?

  • Is there perhaps a messagebox appearing in the VE Pro Server that blocks the loading?

  • Worked it out i think. Better now. Slave Machine Network had crashed. Thanks guys.