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  • VEP5 and DP7?? problems? it's quiet..too quiet

    I'm about to dive into the new VEPro 5!! I'm really excited about this!

    After reading most of the manual, I've been seeing a lot of Logic tips and work arounds. Are there anything in DP that I need to know about ahead of time?

    Is it actually going smooth with DP?? usually it's not like this..

    I'm seeing some posts about Ptools, Logic, and Cubase.. but no DP..

    I saw one post about the Clock sync in the stand alone mode. I wrote it down!

    Excited to rebuild my template for a more efficient workflow!!

    Let me know if there's anything I need to know.

    My rig = 3 Mac Pros. 1 Master, 2 Slaves. DP7.24, (eventually) VEP5,

    Thanks, J

  • This is a problem that I'm having unfortunately:

  • Backward compatibility and functionality in DP has been tested successfully here.

    @haydnwalker: could you send your DP project to ? Thanks.