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  • Thanks for proving again what a class act VSL is! (re. VI Pro 2)

    I purchased VI Pro when it became available and was impressed with the new features. To be honest I rarely took advantage of many of these features due to the time-consuming nature of reprogramming my templates (humanizing each cell, for example). When the anouncement was made for VI Pro 2 I expected this to be a paid upgrade with new, cool features I probably wouldn't have time to program but I'd feel obligated to purchase to feel "current."

    My first surprise was that VI Pro 2 was a free upgrade for VI Pro users. I'll be honest. When they went live on the site my first instinct was to load the product page. I noticed that there was no "Your price" option, so I assumed VI Pro 2 would not include an upgrade offer. With the amount of work that clearly went into the software I was not entirely surprised. I can tell you I was quite happily surprised when I realized the software was available as a free update in my downloads section! [:D] Needless to say I did not expect to find new presets for every library I purchased, including pre-programmed templates for just about every new feature!

    I just wanted to say thank you to the entire VSL team. I've been on board since the First Edition. You constantly find ways to breath new life into these amazing samples. And you never cease to amaze me with your understanding of the value of long-term customer relationships. Yours is probably the only company which could release a product that (if I had the money) I would purchase without even needing to listen first. That's how much faith I have in all you do.

    Thanks again.

    --Leo Wolfe