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  • VE Pro5 resets in a strange way

    I just got Vienna MIR / VE Pro5 software package. It seems to be really nice piece of software.

    I have only one problem. When I'm using Mir/VE5 Pro connected to Cubase 6 all on the same machine, ve5 just resets every now and then and every vsti instruments are gone. I have to load instruments again. This happeneds about every 5 minutes.

    I have Windows 7 x64 and Cubase6 and VE5 on the same computer.

    If somebody could help me with this I would appriciate that.



  • This happens for me every time I 'save' in Cubase 6. VEP5 Instance on my slave then reads 'saving project data' and then resets itself when it's finished. Then have to reload instruments in the instance...

  •  In VEP Server preferences, I set 'Accept incoming project data' to 'ask' from 'always load', which seems to have stopped the save-related resets for now.

  • Thanks!

    I try if this solves issue for me as well.

  • The only thing to be aware of as a result, is that upon opening a different project, VEP won't auto-load and a little flashing yellow arrow appears at the top of the instance window (on the slave end)- click on it and it asks you if you want to load the project.

  • This bug has been fixed for the upcoming update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Thanks! (-: