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  • Extremely annoyed by trying to get Ensemble and Mir running....

    It's probably a great package but - being a newbie at VEP - trying to get VEP running with Mir (which is probably all I cared about, if I were to get it running) was a rather annoying experience.

    Just downloading and installing it wasn't enough apparantly. After several tries to get a server connection going I read somewhere on the forum here that you needed to update the elicenser. Well, that finally succeeded. I had a connection.

    But each time I started Ensemble Pro some counter went down. And each time a message popped up to inform me about having only x times that I could use it, VEP hanged. So the counter went down twice as fast.

    When I got the server running, getting a connection with Logic I finally got to trying to test the MIR. If only I had installed the trialroompack.

    So when that was done, I fired up the server and logic again, and then the server hanged again because 'I only had 5 times left' to start VEP. Which meant 4 times beause VEP hanged because of the message. But I figured, 4 times should be enough to test MIR. The roompack was installed, what could go wrong?

    Ah...I had to set the roompack in the preferences. Please restart VEP.
    ''You only have 3 times left''

    Which is you have only 2 times left. Because VEP hanged.

    ''The next time will be the last time". VEP hanged because of the message.

    ''This will be the last time you can use this program''

    VEP hanged.

    Within aproximately one hour I had succeeded in using up all my try-outs without getting it all to work even once. If I had only one more time...I might have...

    Next time, please include a simple ''follow these X steps to get it all working at once.'' People already knowing Vienne Ensemble probably got it running the first time or so but trying to figure it out what it is you should do if you never have used it before was a bit of a trial on it's own.

    With kind regards,


  •  AFAIK you can refresh the number of starts on the dongle as many times as you need to within a month.


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    Hello nogmerzoo,

    Here is the quick guide, first topic in the MIR Forum....

    And DG is right, you can recharge your demo starts as often as you like within 30 days, simply click "Maintenance" in the eLicenser Control Center!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I had the same problem.  For the life of me I can't understand why they put thos refreshable counters on there other than to be totally annoying.  I would think just a regular time limited demo would be more than sufficient.

  • One pop-up when installing VEP or a READMEFIRST text file would have made much difference. In my opinion it is a strange policy to expect customers to find their way to a forum on the manufacturer's site to see how to get the software running. If you have the experience it might be logical but trust me, I know many musicians who would have stopped trying already. And that is not the appeal you want a demo version to have.


  • Hi guys, 

    Good points, we´re already working on easier solutions. And thanks for your patience, 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL