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  • A new appreciation for Dimension Brass

    I was an early adopter of DB and purchased it as soon as it was released.  However, I found I didn't use it much and it remained silent for a while.  Until this past weekend where I needed a beautiful chorale as part of a Christmas carol I'm composing.  My other brass libraries, while fine for epic film score styled work, didn't mesh with the delicate tapestry I was trying to weave in this piece and DB worked beautifully.  I also updated to VI Pro 2 and VE Pro 5 this past weekend and feel like all my VSL libraries (SE Plus, Appassionata Strings, DB, Brass I Extended, etc etc) all got a wonderful facelift.  

    Just wanted to say "great job" to all the VSL staff.  I still find the performance legatos to be the best of any library out there as far as expression and control.  My VSL investment always repays me.  :)

  • Yeah, I'd like to second that! I'm very happy with Dimension Brass, the Strings bundle, VI pro2 and the Suite. It's a lot of money (for an amateur), but you get great sound and great technical support!