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  • Template buildning with MIR Pro


    Previously I've had my instruments divided between 12 instances of VE Pro, piping alot of audio channels back to Cubase for reverb and such.
    Now with VE5/MIR Pro I'm curious on how I should set this up. As instruments are spread amongst several instances of VE Pro, would I load the same venue in Mir, one for each instance of VE Pro? In terms of cpu/ram consumption, how efficiant would this be? I havent yet tested how much instruments I successfully can stream through MIR, but I like having all instruments ready and treated when composing. So how much resources would MIR be claiming if I set it up ALL instruments across ALL the VE Pro instances? Does it claim any extra resources by just being instanceiated, but not actually playing back anything?

    Thank you!

  • The MIR Pro engine (of which one exists per VE Pro instance) takes next to zero resources. Actual MIR Pro plugins inside the VE Pro instances are what take the resources. A VE Pro instance does however have a (small amount of) resource consumption, so it's recommended to use as few instances as possible.

  •  Ok. So instanciating Mir Pro plugins across all channels makes little sense if you are not necessarily going to use those sounds on a project? Each Mir Pro plugin on a channel in VE Pro will eat up some CPU even though no audio is being piped through?

    Maybe I should set up a temporary reverb plugin and the in the final stages assaign MIR Pro only to the channels/instruments which are being used.

  • Actually, MIR Pro offers dynamic processing (much like MIR already did), so when no audio is piped through a MIR Pro plugin, it will take next to zero CPU.

  •  Ah great! Ok then I will try setting up MIR across all channels. In terms of merging VE instances. The reason I have set up quite a few instances is because traditionally I have been routing all channels back to Cubase, as I prefer to keep project spesific settings there. So the 128 audio channel limit would run out quite fast. I think Cubase is receiving about 300 stereo channels on my main template. Any chance of raising the the audio channel limit? [:)]

  • Next VE Pro 5 update will have up to 768 audio output channels, 48 MIDI input ports and 768 audio input channels. It will also be possible to set the latency up to 4 buffers in the VE Pro Server Interface plugin (you'll need it unless you're working locally or on a 10Gbit LAN). I do advise you to do some more downmixing though :).

  •  Wow! [:D] guys are great! I cannot imagine how much work has been put in to all these updates, but I certainly can appriciate it! The innovation of these products are fantastic! A BIG thank you!

    Yeah I probably should be doing more downmixing within VE Pro. I'm doing all submixing in Cubase. But I'm going to experiment with another template build and try to free up some additional resources.

    Any indication on when the next update will be? Weeks? Months?
    Again; a big thank you to all you guys and gals in VSL!