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  • VEP Automation of Waves plugs=no

    I tried automating a couple of Waves Plugs (AU) namely CLA Drums and the new HEQ. Both would not respond at all.

    Altiverb worked though. So my method was ok.

    Anyone else confirm that Waves isn't working?

    ProToolsHD 9.3 is the sequencer.

  • Are yo able to use Altiverb inside VE pro 5?

    Altiverb is 32 bits, it only works in VEpro 32 bits server, not in VEpro 64 bits server, right?

    The same happend I guess with the wave plugins al do I didn´t test it.

  • I'm using the 32 bit server and yes Altiverb will respond to automation just fine.

    The Waves plugs work as before but they will not respond to automation in the new VEP5.