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  • VI Pro 2.0 Polyphonic Multi Patch Legato


    Regarding the new auto voicing possibilities, do you think it would be possible for VI Pro to handle polyphonic Legato using mutli patches?

    For example Stacking Legato patches within one Cell for Piccolo flute, flute I and Flute II and you will have a complete Flute legato section controled on just one midi channel. If I write for all the flutes on three voices i would have the Higher for Piccolo, the middle for flute I and the lowest for flute II (Of course the higher first played and the lower last played). Then overlapping the piccolo would trigger the proper piccolo legato sample, an so on for the two other voices.

    I don't know how complicated the thing is to develop but I think the idea of controlling all flutes in just one midi channel with one Vi Pro Instance, all trumpets in other one, all trombones, all horns, is very attractive for VI pro offer many possibilities to edit all patches in just one instance.

    This would be my main request and I Want to Believe ;o)

    Best regards,


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    Hello Nicolas,

    The trouble with this idea is that we simply cannot know which notes are supposed to be connected with which instrument, and as every new note played in legato counts as the next played note, the logic behind this gets VERY complicated.

    Auto Voicing works great with single note samples, though. It´s only a matter of WHEN you hit which key, the first played key triggers the first slot.

    Auto Voicing was designed for Dimension Brass, with four players that actually play the same articulations.

    The brand-new Chord Matrices in VI PRO 2 already have the different instruments assigned, so this is one way to make it work.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul!

    I completely understand the problem; I was kind of misthinking this way :

    With Four instruments stacked : one note plays the all the fours slots; two notes play slot 1+2 and 3+4, three notes play slots 1+2, 3 and 4 and four notes play slots 1,2,3 and 4. 

    My mistake for auto voicing plays only first slot with just one note triggered and son on for the other slot with notes played a the right timing.

    Anyway i'll figure something and thanks again for helping;

    Best regards