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  • VE Pro 5 - stuttering and frequent crashing.

    I'm running VE Pro 5 as a plugin on cubase 6, and the slave machine is running Halionsonic, via 32 bit VE Pro 5 server.   

    I'm running just 5 Halionsonic channels, piano, bass, drums, percussion and oboe.   Getting nothing but stutters.  Running cubase soundcard at the maximum 2048 samples!    I have both the master and slave networked with a single cable direct PC connection.    Mac pro and macbook pro.

    Can anyone offer a solution please?



    p.s. also randon crashing.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. Could you please send crash reports to ? Thanks.

  • Just crashed again this morning,  report has been emailed to you as requested.  Thanks


  • Another crash, same project.  This time I was adding a new midi instrumen to Halionsonic within my slave Macbook Pro and...poof!  it crashed.  Report has been sent to the procurator fiscal, I mean the support at Vienna.


  • It seems there's a compatibility problem with HALionSonic and VE Pro. I'm resolving it with Steinberg right now. It's hard to say at this point whether VE Pro or HALion will require a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Thanks.  It's not only the crashes but more so the dropouts.   Can you please let me know how you get on with the resolution?




  • Hi Karel, I called Steinberg there.  Spoke with Marcus.  He says there are no conversations ongoing between yourselves and them regards Halionsonic/VE Pro?  

    Is it something needing fixed at your end?   Seems it may be 64 bit plugins causing the problem?


  • I'm in contact with Gerrit Junge from Steinberg. Perhaps Marcus hasn't been made aware of this. It's being checked out on their side so the exact problem can be pinpointed.

  • I also have major problems with Halion 4.x and VE PRO 4.

    On the 64 bit side I can not have more than one instance Halion 4 in VE PRO.  If I have more than one instance then I can no longer see Halion's graphics when I choose the channel or it causes a serious crash for VE PRO.

    I tried moving Halion 4.x into the 32 BIT VE PRO.  It was better however majority of the times when I opened Cubase I would get a serious error in Cubase.  Removing Halion all together from VE PRO 32 BIT got rid of the Cubase serious errors.  There are definitely issues with Halion 4.x and VE PRO.

  • You shouldn't use HALionSonic in VE Pro until the compatibility issue between the two is resolved. It's currently being looked at by Steinberg.

  • Thanks for reply Karel.   However according to Marcus at Steinberg, The man you say is dealing with it at their end is not dealing with this problem.  Again, according to Marcus there is no one aware of or Working on any compatibility issue at Steinberg.   (see his email to me below).    So what is the latest with this problem?


    Dear Mr. James,

    thank you for your email.
    I knew that Gerrit is in contact with VSL, but he not a developer. He is just trying to get a version
    of the software. He is not related in solving issues.

    Best regards, 

    Marcus Ottenhausen

    Technical Support Unit

  • I never said he was a developer, but he is dealing with the problem. I have no idea how it is being dealt with, I only know that they're aware of the problem and took it upon them to investigate. It's unclear at this point whether a fix will be required in VE Pro or HALion Sonic (or both). Best is to just wait for an update to arrive.