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  • Problems downloading VEP 5 upgrade

    Hi. I've tried twice downloading que upgrade. Either the server seems to be busy or I get a paypal page (in german) which is incomplete, so no payment placed. Guess everybody is downloading this gem... Anyone else is having the same problem? Thanx

  • Now is even worse. I tried using my credit card and placed all the information. I received the message "Safari cannot open this page" bla bla bla. Any hints from the VSL guys?? Thanx ;)

  • Yes. Same problem with the German page. Any solutions?

  • Hi cojoncio and haydnwalker,

    I'm sorry to hear of the problems you have in our web shop.

    We've had a couple of cases lately where Mac users had problems placing their order with Safari, but when using other browsers such as Firefox or Chrome everything worked perfectly.

    If a german PayPal page pops up, please make sure that you place your order on the English VE Pro 5 webpage (with /en/ in the URL), not the German one.

    If these hints don't help please contact our sales department directly at , with as many details as possible (browser, operating system, screenshots, ...), and I'm sure that we'll be able to find a solution soon. [:)]



  • Hi Stefan. Thanx for your reply. I'm afraid to say this is still not working. I've installed Firefox and followed your suggestions. Now when I try to pay via PayPal I get redirected to a german page. Now this window has the proper fields to imput my data, not as before, but the whole page is still in German. There is no way I can change the language. The other pages (where I placed the order) were in Engish. Following your suggestion I will contact again sales support and provide the info you mentioned. Thank you :)

  • Trick is to select your country on the German page and it will then automatically bring up that page in English if you pick Australia, USA, Britain etc.