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  • Lag when using VSL Expression Maps in Cubase 5

    Hello, so this is my first Post in this Forum let me first intruduce myself. My name is Jan, I`m from Germany, and Music is just a big Hobby for me. So I´m no professional musician. I first came in contact with Midi Orchestration using Halion Symphonic Orchestra wehn purchsing Cubase 5. (There was a demo version wich come with Cubase and you could upgrade for very less of money) Anyway, after working with this, there was the wish for better String-Sounds. So thatbrougt me to VSL Orchestral Strings 1+2. I`m very happy with this Product and the sound is amazing. :) After all it need a bit of working with it because it is a little differnt from what i was used to with HSO but that is no Problem at all. So lets come to my real Problem: I´m using the VSL Expresion Maps in Cubase 5. Everything was fine in the beginning but now i figgured out that when i`m using the expression maps i have a big lag when trying to edit something in the Midieditor. (notes or controler data or even articulations) These lag or delay is about 2 or 3 seconds which makes it difficult to write controler date etc. It only ocurs whe editing data or notes. There is no Lag or Latency when laying notes. When i remove the expression map everything is fine. As workaround i´m using keyswitches which i direktly write into the midieditor but the expresion maps would be more comfort. I read something about the expression map bug here inthe forum but as far as i have seen, this means the Problem with asigning #CC1 I hope someone could help me with this Problem. Best wishes Jan PS: Here is my system: Win XP SP3 Quad Core 2,6GHz 4GB Ram Cubase 5

  • Jan,

    This reply comes many years after your initial post.  I am having the same issue as you described in your post.  Did you ever find a solution to this dilemna?


    Win 10 Home_64

    Ryzen 7 2700x 4Ghz

    16GB Ram

    Cubase 5.5.3

    Vienna Ensemble 6_64 and multiple VSL Libraries