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  • VI Pro - Thank you for the update VSL

    Hi to Herb, and Paul and everyone else involved in producing the VI Pro 2 update at VSL,

    Just want to say thank you for the update. I am sure I will really enjoy the features you have all planned and produced so well with this.

    Looking forward to using this.


    Steve [:D]

  • Hi All,

    just getting to try out the new features in vi pro 2, and one of the features that I am really glad about is the ability to stretch the range of an articulation up two whole tones. My Epic Horns legato patch now goes right up to F# above C5 - that's fantastic! [Y]

    Thanks for that feature Herb. That's really helpful for a piece of music I've been writing where I needed a legato horn patch that went right up to this note.



    Steve [:D]

  • Yes, I have to agree! Thanks a lot! This is truly an awesome update. Incredible!

    Does someone know if it's possible to use keyswitches for the "performing in" option in the scale tab of the sequencer window to change between major and minor chords while playing?

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    Hi everybody,

    Thanks for the kind feedback, much appreciated!!!

    CT2k9, check out the "Velocity Switch" described on page 31 of the VI PRO manual.

    This feature is also shown in the video tutorials.

    You are basically using the velocity on ONE keyswitch to trigger up to 3 scales.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    there are some other interesting presets that I have discovered in the vi pro that I am really pleased to have come across.

    This update is really wonderful![Y]


    Steve [:D]