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  • [SOLVED] Accidentally payed for VEPro 5

    Hi, I feel kind of stupid writing this, but write this I must. I had no idea that VEPro 5 was free for VEPro 4 users and accidentally payed for it. I received no e-mails from VSL and couldn't find any other options to download VEPro 5 from my user area. When I went to the product page, I saw a 40 EUR price for VEPro 5, so I figured I had to buy it. Now I see that I don't, and I feel completely stupid. Is there any chance that I may get a refund? I'd like that so I can purchase VIPro 2 as well... Thanks! Antonio

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    Hello antoniopandrade,

    You did nothing wrong, here are the upgrade discount details.

    40 € is the upgrade price for all registered users from VE PRO 4 to VE PRO 5 in the introductory period, until december 15th.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • OK Paul, then I was doubly confused. My initial thoughts were right! Thanks for the clarification.