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  • Bundle/Upgrade Pricing for Users of MIR SE?

    In looking at the current MIR Pro/VE Pro 5 promotions, no mention seems to be made of any bundle pricing/official upgrade pricing for users of MIR SE.  What costs would be involved with upgrading from MIR SE?

  • You can simply upgrade to Vienna MIR (legacy version) now. From there you will have all benefits of the introductory offers.

    ... we have had internal discussions about the options for creating a "MIR Pro SE"-version, but there are quite a few things to consider. We have no schedule yet, so please don't hold your breath ... :-)

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks for the quick response. 

    If I understand things correctly the route for MIR SE users would be MIR SE < Vienna MIR < MIR Pro.

    Unfortunately, I am still confused.  I could not find anything about the current upgrade cost or process to legacy MIR, either in the MIR Pro pages or in the user area regarding legacy MIR.  Granted, if I decided to do this it would be a ways off yet, and I may end up simply staying with MIR SE.

    For those of us that use MIR SE, it might be helpful to publish something about the upgrade path/process within the MIR Pro pages.  It would seem that maybe there could be some sort of upgrade path/price from MIR SE directly to the full MIR Pro.

    From other threads, it is clear that "MIR Pro SE" is a maybe/maybe not, hence the upgrade questions.

  • I'm interested too. I'm user of MIR SE and VIENNA ENSEMBLE PRO, so I need to understand how much should I spend (I originally spent about 600 euros for both).


  • Hi everybody,

    Glad to see you so interested!

    I suggest to check out VE PRO 5 and MIR PRO with a free demo license, and the best idea is to contact our Support Team directly. 

    We will get back to you as quickly as possible (it is saturday night after a VERY busy release frenzy). 

    Thanks for your patience and understanding, 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL