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  • Wowed with the new releases

    I happened to roll my cursor over the MIR pro part of the picture in the home page and it was active before it showed "out now". I watched the new video tutorials, and was speechless. MIR pro and VE pro5 combined seemed like the greatest idea. and VI pro2.. OMG. Well done to all the developers. and the all the VSL team!!!! I feel so honoured to use these products. :)

  • And I have to say, y'all's design aesthetic is stellar. I really like your graphic sense -- from the website design all the way to the software iteself. Very well thought out and pleasing.


  • Thanks a lot for the encouragement.

  • OSX users have been waiting for a long time for Mir Pro.  Is it out now???  I wonder how I missed the announcement, if it is.     Tom

  • Hi Tom23, 

    It has just been released a few hours ago!

    We will send out a newsletter soon. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Watched all the videos. It all seems awesome. Congrats !! 

  • Thanks, Paul, and all the crew at VSL.  All three releases at once.  That makes my Saturday, and many days to come, methinks!     Tom