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  • VEPro4 v. 9621

    It appears that the option to add a VIPro instrument has gone?? Can still add old VI

    Have rolled back for now 


  •  I think you have to reinstall after upgrading VE PRO  your actual VI PRO once again. (best would be the new VI PRO 2 version)

    This is only necessary the very first time, because VI PRO is not included in the new VE PRO installers any more.

     Any later upgrades will be handled independently.



  • That's got it  - cheers Herb 

  • Wanna see the changelog for this verion, current one is for September release.

  • I'm sure it'll come online very soon, but here are the changes from 4.1.8861 to 4.1.9621 already: 

    • Added new Directory Manager to installation
    • Removed VI Pro from installation procedure (new VI Pro 2 installs it)
    • Fixed rare crashes when interacting with VI matrix view
    • WIN: Fixed server instance window not popping to front when plugin "Raise" button is pressed
    • OSX: Show proper "Cmd" instead of "Ctrl" for shortcut tool/status tips
    • Fixed potential audio engine crashes in standalone
    • OSX: Renamed "Vienna Instruments Library Installer" to "Library Installer"
    • Fixed inability to name input buses in standalone preferences
    • Fixed file extension sometimes being missing when saving