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  • orchestra theory quistion /tutti

    Is there a patch for tutti. tutti is as i understand, a full section playing. The same chord/note. May be wrong, Or any easy way to make one self.

  • Dear Obiwandk,

    Tutti refers to everyone.  Therefore, if you are using a string orchestra, the term tutti will refer to only the strings.  Tutti in the case of an orchestra will refer to the whole orchestra.  As you can see, it is important to be clear what your ensemble is if you want to request tutti.  Further, tutti does not necessarily mean that everbody play the same note; in many cases this would be extremely undesirable as each instrument has a practical range, and speaks differently in each area of the range, so at the very least you would generally want to change the octave of the note depending on which instrument you were talking about.

    In most circumstances I would construct the tutti myself, as it gives me ultimate control over the timbre.  I believe there are (for example) "Strings" patches that you can use if you have the Orchestral Strings collection or Special Edition, rather than using a specific Violin 1 patch.  Another (possibly better) option I saw demonstrated recently is a new layering feature of the Vienna Instruments latest software, where you load in a layered patch, and it works out which of the instruments should be playing based on the range of the note - I would imagine that this feature is most likely to give you the result you are looking for. 

    Kind Regards,


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