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  • Queen of the Night (yes, Mozart!) for uptempo woodwinds

    For an upcoming jazzy project I do some demos. So a lot of things I can try out before it goes in rehearsals. It's a quite unusual cast, a woodwind quintett & jazz-piano-trio and accordeon. This demo is completely done with VSL tools (ext. DVD libs, MIR, Vienna Suite) - exept of course the accordeon. I'm hoping for the release of MIR Pro - so finally I can play with my real instrument together with VSL in the Mozartsaal ;-) (Don't like the circumstances to put the tracks in a sampleplayer...) I find, Mozart's theme played in this way get a touch of chrismas time...Hope you have fun! Frank

  • Brilliant. I enjoy your music immensely.


  • Hi Frank,
    what a collection of music! I really find your music so much fun and wish you success with your works. I am particularly impressed by your mixing expertise and how you manage to cram so much sound into the arrangements. I especially like the use of percussion in many of your tracks and whilst I am not an expert in many of these matters, I just wanted to let you know that I found your music a joy to listen to.

  • Dear Brian and Tom, thank you so much for listening and your encouraging words. Working with samples is very lonely - knowing some people enjoy such work is a good motivation to keep on! Best Frank

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