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  • Does VI/VE respond to MIDI event chasing in MOTU Digital Performer ?

    Hi I am using four instances of VE 4.1.8861, all running as plug-ins in within DP 7.2.4 on a G5 PPC quad. under OS 10.5.8 I am trying to use a cello within one of the VEs, but the instrument does not respond to MIDI event chasing. The MIDI event chasing function in DP normally looks back for the last controller value, so the right sound is chosen. In my music the cello starts with a sustain sound at bar 21, and at bar 53, I wish to change from a sustain to a pizz, which it does via the controller, but when I loop back to, eg, bar 40, where there should still be a sustain sound, I still get the Pizz, even though there is controller setting for sustain at bar 1. The VI does not pick up the setting at bar 1 as it should do under MIDI event chasing ? thanks

  • FWIW I used to have the same problemā€”upgrading to VE Pro seemed to help a lot.