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  • Stop note of vibes?


    I don't remember how to stop a note of the vibes for example 03 vib So_Single-hits?

      The sound is "one shot" ! how to activate the release sound?

    besrt regards


  •  No help?

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  •  My trick is to reduce the release (Rel) fader (default 63) so like a real player, I can use the keyboard sustain pedal to let ring or stop the note of the vibes.

  •  I've not had the need to mute Vibes, but I have had the need to mute the Tubular Bells, and for that I used a MIDI cc to snap the filter back.  Muting it this way sounded more authentic than just pulling the Expression down, or stopping the release.

    But just because that worked well for the Tubular Bells, may not necessarily be so effective with the vibes, especially if it is an effect you need to use a lot, in which case as previously mentioned, setting the release nearer to zero may be the best option.

  •  Thanks to both

    best regards