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  • VEP latency

    Hello, I have been building an orchestral templet in logic using Vienna ensemble pro. I have found to my dismay that the latency between my playing a note on my keyboard and the sound that I hear is way to long for me to play anything fast and have accuracy. Logic Pro 9.1.5 Imac core 2 duo 8 gb ram

  • Set the VEP buffer multiplier lower, or your soundcard buffer lower, or both.


  • Thanks DG, I set the buffer lower on logic.... that helped a lot. How do you set the VEP buffer lower? I looked in the preferences but did not see anything. Thanks, Moses

  •  When you connect to VEP the server interface gives you a choice of 0, x1, x2. The lowest latency will be 0, but that may not be practical. Most people (using slave machines) work at x1 or x2, so set the buffer on your soundcard as low as possible and then see what VEP needs to be to work well.


  • I'm wondering if you add a second computer, like say you had two MacPro's, would that mean that you would get latency by using ethernet to route them? Anyone got practical experience with this? I typically like to work with 128k buffer in Cubase or 256k in Logic @ 44.1, with zero latency on the VEP instance. You don't get much performance out of the machine this way, but I like to hear what I'm playing.

  • It all depends on what your needs are. it is very difficult to advise anyone, because we all have different expectations.

    If you transfer all your instruments to the slave, then i would say that you could achieve lowish latency with either soundcards or Ethernet, as long as you set the buffer on the DAW to a really low value (32 or 64).

    If you want to run instruments on both machines, then I doubt that you'll get as low latency with VEP as with soundcards, but again it will depends on what you want to run. In any case it will be double what you are used to working with.

    The alternative is just to get a better machine for your DAW, and stick to your current way of working.