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  • Installing Vienna Instruments Special Edition

     Hello, I bought the Vienna Instruments Special Edition back in 2007. I installed it back then and worked fine with the Vienna Key. Now almost on 2012, I'm trying to install it again to my new laptop with Windows 7 and it won't do it. Can someone help me how to download the latest software to get things started. The syncrosoft website looks very different than 4 years ago. Have things changed? I just want this thing running.


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    Hi w21994,

    Quite some things changed since 2007, a lot of software updates happened of course, and Syncrosoft has been purchased by Steinberg and renamed to eLicenser. Please take a look at this video tutorial on how to install our DVD Collections.

    In a nutshell, please download and install the most recent eLicenser Control Center and Vienna Instruments software, and make sure to connect your key that holds the license to your computer. Afterwards launch the application "Vienna Instruments Library Installer" to install the samples from your Special Edition DVDs. [:)]