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  • extra samples for Logic 9.1.4 (Lion)

    I haven't yet purchased anything from VSL simply because I don't know what to get or how I would deal with it if I did get it.My current needs are:

    Mostly some string samples such as sul ponticello and maybe sul tasto. Since I've mostly sequenced music of Elgar, Brahms and Schumann, sul pont is a necessity because of Elgar and in some of my original music.

    I wouldn't mind having some good ensemble patches but I can make do with what I have. No one at Logic seems clear on what are ensemble patches as opposed to solo (it's possible with plug-ins to deal with this.)

    I also need to know what else I would need to play these samples in Logic 9. (Steinberg?)

    I'm retired so I can't afford to break the bank but any suggestions would be welcome.


    Ed Gold