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  • Repetition problem

    Hello, I tried some instruments such as violin and oboe, and found the repetition performance is somewhat unsatisfactory. Not because of the sound, but the notes. I discovered when playing long notes with repetition, the value of the slow legato is too short. For example, a quarter C and a half C, the latter can't reach its value. When using normal sustain or legato, a gap is produced. How can I do? In my music, the repetition effect of these two notes is very important for keeping the correct mood. Regards Haipeng

  • Hello Haipeng [;)]

    Full String-Libraries come with legato-reptition, portato-rep, staccato-rep and spiccato-rep. Within Full-Libraries of Wind Instruments you have 4 different repetition speeds as well.

    So each of them covers a certain range of tempo. I don't know whether you only have a standard version or an SE one. With those you limitations of course.

    Go to "Tutorial VSL", Step "6". Click on "PERFORMANCE SAMPLES" and listen to the 2nd example.

    It is a short overview of all the perfermance articulations. The last example within this mp3 shows the 4 different repetition samples (legato, portato staccato spiccato).

    Further, you can make out the corresponding articulations of the solo violin on the image above (VI-perf-rep-leg-sl, .... )

    So, you need to choose the correct repetition which corresponds to the current tempo in the piece.

    All the best


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • Thank you for your direction. The example is what I can do, but for much longer notes, vsl seems not able to provide those samples. For example, the second movement of Dvorak sym 9, the second A flat of the English horn can't be reproduced with perf-repetition, unless the tempo is half faster. Note that I have VSL super package with additional download supplementation and bonus Konzerthaus Organ II, all full libraries! I also use VI Pro and Vienna Suite (have not built up templates yet). Haipeng

  • The perf_leg patches contains also a repetition sample; if you play the same note twice, you hear 2 different samples.

    Also the sus samples contain at least 2 versions, so you also here get a different sample of the same note by just repeating it.

    Another possible solution would be to load the perf_rep_leg in the 1st slot, and sus patch in the 2nd, then set the attack value of the sus up, so that if fades in after the repetition sample is heard.