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  • Dimension Brass Trumpet 3 missing a sample?

     I seem to have a couple of notes missing on the TR-P3_fp articulation, on Eb4 and E4 (probably the same sample). these two notes just sound like the bleed through from the other players with the actual trumpet player 3 note missing,

    Is this a bug, or is there something missing from my install?

  •  Just installed all the library updates, and this bug is still there, so perhaps this can be logged as a definate bug.

    Eb4 and E4 are definately still wrong on TR-P3_fp

  •  Hi Andy,

    thanks for reporting.

    We'll upload a new update files asap.

    If you like you can test this update right now. I've copied the zip file into your "Personal Files"

    You can find it here (if you are logged in):

    USER AREA / OVERVIEW / Personal Files



  •  Thanks for the speedy response, all is OK now.